Welcome to `A Place To Chat`. We offer a friendly and flexible chat enviroment where you can open your very own chat room or join an existing room and start chatting right away. We offer web based chat portals below for your convinience or you can connect with any IRC client to irc.aplacetochat.com. If you have trouble with the main portal, please try the backup portals.

We offer a kids portal which is set to join the lobby for users under 18 (#Under18). Any user can join #Under18 but please be respectfull of the fact that this room is intended for minors. Minors under 13 may open their own rooms but need to have the network owner (Typo) auto join the room to ensure that the channel chat is logged and that support is available whenever possible.

We have 154 rules that must be followed at all times, but, the last 153 were unfortunately burnt to a crisp in a horrible "accidental" rule burning ceremony. I have hidden the last rule to make sure it is safe, and for the sake of its continued security, I can not and will not say what it is or where it can be found. That being said, please follow ALL the rules.

IRC Portals
Click a link to start chatting

Channel List

This channel list is provided by Search IRC. The 'irc://' style links will load your IRC client such as mIRC and the '#channel' styke links will use a 3rd party java chat portal from Search IRC that is different from the ones above.

It is best to just use the channel list as a guide and remember the channel you want to join and then join it in the portal you choose from the 4 links above. Also, you can get a channel list any time after you have connected. In the Main and/or Kids portal, use the 'Channel List' link in the menu or just type '/list' without the quotes.